Friday, 25 March 2011

Working For Private Property

I thoroughly do enjoy my job, I meet tons of new people every day and always enjoy the little chuckles we have about others.

My job entails me searching high and low for new estate agents to join Private Property. We offer various different packages to estate agents whereby they too can advertise their stock on our website. I used to train the estate agents on our system when I was approached by my boss to take over my colleagues position to sign new estate agents. I decided to take up the challenge after being hounded for months to take up the post. I love new beginnings yet sometimes I feel too comfortable and complacent in something I am already doing but after the 3rd time of being asked I thought "Why not?"

So now I am cold calling and doing presentations to small and large companies on our products and its packages. WOW, no one ever said it would be so tough, yes, I do strike it lucky with some people when they don't have their head in their bums and of course there are wonderful people out here but majority of the Estate agents are real banana's and are still stuck in the 1900's of advertising properties. We are sitting in the 21st Century where technology has overcome the world. You can do everything online nowadays from shopping for groceries, banking, advertising, networking and much more in the comfort of your own home/desk/lap OR even on your cellphone. Who couldn't ask for better marketing at reasonable prices.

So this is what I have to get across to some of these pumpkins who just don't get it and prefer to waste money in the newspaper where people use them to clean up dog poo, wrapping of glass ware or its already being chucked away because the rain destroyed it while it was lying in your drive way. Can you say "Throwing away loads of money". Ai Ai Ai, so typical, they take so much of your money just to have it used for crap.

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  1. Well done, you have come a long way and deserve to be where you are right now. You go Girl!